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Friday, March 26, 2010



After watching the drama "Dalil Cinta" cast by Fahrin Ahmad and Sharifah Amani, i suddenly falling in love with Fahrin character. he use to be Zareef in that drama..i think he kind of romantic person. im not sure whether he is really like that or he just hold the character firmly.. but i really like the zareef one..he will be the romantic husband..i like it..

after that im watching Adnan Sempit. this one i like the most..hehehe..Y? it just because of Shaheizy. i really2 admire him a lot actually.. he was truely a very best n talented actor. i hope he will survive in industry n keep up with his acting..after all, he was handsome n cute too right..hihihi..

im not realy like to watch malays movies actually. but i layan juga lah kalau the cast i minat like rosyam noor, shaheizy, maya karin, rusdi ramli, vanida imran, syarifah amani, fazura n the other..but i still support our own industry. im not too agung2kan sgt pun just watching it because our technology not as good as them so accept what we have right..

last but not least, keep it up..i think malaysian can do better day by day..

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