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Friday, August 13, 2010

so tired..!!

start from yesterday untill today i got to join 2 programme..which is so memenatkan i...
the 1st prgramme "Jihad Ilmu"..nasib baik jap ja..klu la lama, i'll pengsan on the dot kt PKP tu. (PKP is stand 4 Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar)..i bukan lah student yg penug berwibawa utk join a prgramme actually, but then i have to join it just bz of the word "diwajibkan"..gherr..good girl jg la kn...WSE...

today, the prgrmme "life-balancing" plak..what kind of prgramme is that actually...?? no idea..
but, not bad, bila sdh attend it doesnt bad at all..cukup mbuatkan stedent like me terasa n mendapat kesedaran jiwa raga dlm belajar n mngejar kejayaan...

hopefully..there is a prgramme like that afer this..

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