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Sunday, August 29, 2010

terpaksa ku korbankan...

korbankan what??

its was my sleeping time..

i'm feeling so sleepy now. i think i want to lay down for a second but i takut terlajak tidur and that will make me wasting my time for my assignment yang sudah 80% finish. it will submit tomorrow and tomorrow night i dont have enough time to make it because tomorrow, we've plan to breaking fast somehere out there. maybe jitra or somewhere for celebrating Raya Puasa Break..hehehehe..

and after that, i'll wait for the bus. i'm going to KL at 10PM. maybe i'll arrive there at 5AM and i'll wait for my brother to pick me up at Bukit Jalil bus-stand. and he will send me to LCCT and i'll wait for my flight to Sabah at 4PM. could'nt wait for that time...

for now, my dear myself..could you force youself to stay-up just for this short time. after that, u may sleep for the whole day..just make sure your assignment finished first. and i'll make sure u could sleep after that peacefully orite dear?? thats my girl..

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