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Thursday, September 2, 2010

for the second time...

this early in the morning (before sahur. 02:16AM) i am watching movies tittled "PS I Love You".

i am so touch with this movies. it is because of the character 'Gerry' the husband of Holly. i wish i could have someone like him who was very romantic person in my life i ever seen. (even it was just an imagination from the author Cecelia Ahern)...

i am always like this. after watching some movies, i will refresh it back and think back. if i were Holly, what will i do? am i doing the same like Holly? or maybe i am choosing the other way of life, i mean to fill the empty space in my life after "he" left....?? cant even imagine it because it was all about our selves. its all about our love, our memories and the most important things is... its all about us. when i said 'us' that will be means the two of us,not anyone of us..

but, to think it back logically, as a human being we just have to accept what have written for us by the almighty,ALLAH. everything already written just depends on us how to make it more interesting and more colourful..its all in our own hand. everybody around is just the supporting cast to help us presenting our best.

everytime i watch this movies, i will cry because, when i try to put my self as Holly, i think i just cannot hold it, cannot face it.i dont think i am that tough. if i were her, maybe i just stay lay down at my beds with crying and finish my time to flashback all the memories we got. for more specific, i just want to wait until my time to be with you there....

but, we have to accept every sudden things in life especially death. i just cannot imagine what is my reaction when i saw someone i love the most was dying in front of my eyes...i just hope that i dont want to face that moment (in terms of my situation) but when i think back, in his side for sure he want to see us for the last time.after he left, he will never see me again. so am i that stupid to make him dissapoint?? no, i am not.

i hope, if one day, i have to face it, i just pray that i will be tough.its ok to cry but not to collapse. i worried if he dissapoint. i dont want to spoilt his last time..

special thanks to Cecelia A. because she made the great novels, it was very cool.


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