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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fire Drill..

assalamualaikum wbt..
hello are you today??
hopefully, everyone feeling better, well,
superb, powerful and fine to start a new day..
just like me....hehehehe=P
but today, this morning, on 9AM i've got a fire drill practice...
sound like perfectly boring right..
what to do? we're student so just follow the rules..
it means, i'll be a very cute and lovely 'fire-girls' today hehehe...
i don't know why we still have to do this 
thing such like we're still in the secondary school..
my god..what are those people trying to do?
we still have a lot of programme choices to do other than fire-drill..

i admit that it's quite important but i think 
there is no need to do some practices..
that will be wasting a lot of times.. 
most student want to rest and relax on weekends like this...
far from the stresses awhile, far from classes and so on..
for college student, fire-drill practice is not suitable..
maybe they can just hand-in some material that we can read for information..
but not practices.. i still got a lot of assignment to do..

just don't like the new student organization here..

i know i'm not one of you but then try to make some changes la..
but not from good to worst
i like to be a leader but i completely sure about my temper 
when i'm working in pairs or that i choose not to get involved..

is that a very wrong choices??

what ever...

i just getting bored with all this programme..

ok see you readers..=)

p/s : * start your day something sweet and end it with something sweeter*

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