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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Enjoy it!!

For give me that day..the day i went 'single'..
Really, i'm totally appreciate it..very much..
Really, I don't even care..
Whether you're there waiting for me or not..

I just want you to know that..
Thanks for makes some changes...
Changes that sometimes can kills me..
Because you just went silent without telling me anything..
Because you just make me look like a stupid girl...
Stupid for trying so hard for searching for you when you goes silent..
I know, this is not the very end of us...
Thanks for leaving without saying 'Goodbye'..
You just try to ignore me..

When you feel like to see me again..
I just hope that, you don't give some stupid reason..
Like 'i'm busy at work', i've no credit' etc..
Because, i don't care what ever it is..

I just want you to know that..
I'm happy like this..
I'm happy being single...
and...I just enjoy it...
I enjoy every single day you left me behind..
Every single day you're being silent..
Every single day you don't call and text me..
and..I love being 'single  than 'in a relationship with you'..
because, i know that you don't even care about me..about my feelings..
and really thank you for that..

I just want you to know that..
I'm not the one who tick this status but its you..
So, if you like to dump me..go ahead..
I have no regret to do that..but i'll make sure that you do..
Just don't play me around.. i'm not that stupid..

and again...


more than being in a relationship with someone like you..
who never and ever had me 'in' you..
Thanks again for make me feel the day..the nature and the real me, myself..
and again..just one more word...

.... S A R A N G H A E ....

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